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Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, where you will be able to find the answers to some hot topics for parents and prospective Campers. If there is another question you have and haven’t found the answer here, please contact us.

    • How much does it cost to go to summer camp?

      The fee for a three-week session is CHF 8’100.- per camper, per session. The fee must be paid in Swiss francs. This fee includes full board, sports and leisure activities (including equipment), excursions as well as staff and instruction for these activities, laundry service, bedlinen and the services of the Camp’s infirmary.

      The fee does not cover travel to and from the Camp site, personal expenses, insurance premiums, language courses (CHF 300.- extra cost per session) and any medical treatment provided outside the camp’s infirmary. Any additional day at camp will be charged CHF 405.-.

      The fee for the Sunrise session is CHF 5’390.-, per camper (Overnight hike and Horse Riding not offered)

    • How old do you have to be to go to summer camp?

      The youngest age section at Camp is our ‘Rookie’ section, which is for children aged 8 to 11 years old. There may be children that are enrolled that have not quite turned 8 years old yet, however, this is down to the discretion of the Camp Owner / Directors and Head Counselor of the Rookies section. We believe that there is no ‘right age’ for sleepaway Camp, but in general the younger kids and teens are, the better they are in the future being prepared to be away from home.

    • Why is summer camp important?

      We believe that every child and teenager can find enjoyment and a challenge by attending International Summer Camp Montana in Switzerland. It is our hope that every child has the opportunity to broaden their horizons, meeting people from different countries and varied backgrounds. The combination of recreational, educational and social activities featured in the program enables each Camper to challenge themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment. By respecting others, our Campers develop a better understanding of responsible global citizenship. All of these factors, as well as the development of their 21st Century skills means that attending Summer Camp Montana is a rewarding and enriching experience.

    • How do I prepare my child for summer camp?

      There is no right or wrong way to prepare for a Summer at Camp in Switzerland. We are delighted to welcome kids and teens from over 50 countries to Crans-Montana each summer and to create a safe, friendly and happy environment for them all. For some children it can be harder to make an adjustment to a new environment. Moreover, it can be hard for some parents to be without their children too, so we recommend that you do talk to them before they leave.

      We have an incredible staff that is here to help and support each Camper’s adjustment to Camp life and understand that no two children will be the same when it comes to settling in. However, with the freedom, space and non-pressurized environment, we believe that given time each Camper will find their comfort level in Switzerland.

      Other than that, please follow the packing lists to ensure they pack the right things in their suitcase!

    • What should I bring to summer camp? and should not?

      Clothing and equipment list
      Liste des vêtements et d’équipement

    • What should I bring to a language class at Camp?

      Campers do not need to bring anything special with them to Camp for the language classes they have enrolled in. International Summer Camp Montana provides textbooks, materials, stationery and all other academic literature that a student needs to participate in the language program. We only recommend that a willingness to learn and participate is brought to each class!

    • How many kids go to Summer Camp Montana?

      International Summer Camp Montana regularly welcomes around 330 kids and teens to Camp in Switzerland each session. This means that over the course of our summer season we welcome around 990 children from around the world to our Camp in Crans-Montana.

    • What time should my child arrive in Geneva airport on arrival day?

      We recommend that your child should arrive in Geneva in the morning on Sunday. This way your child will arrive at the camp in the afternoon and be able to get orientated during the daylight hours. Of course we can accommodate most arrival times but the morning would benefit your child the most.

    • What time should I book the return flight for my child on departure day?

      Your child will depart from the camp approximately 5 hours before the time of his/her flight. We recommend if possible booking a flight from midday to mid afternoon.

    • What time should I arrive at camp with my child on arrival day?

      We recommend that you arrive with your child in the morning of arrival day. This way you can also participate in the camp tour and meet the counsellor for your child’s group.

    • What time should I pick up my child from camp on departure day?

      We recommend that you collect your child in the morning of departure day as most children will be collected by midday. If you are unable to collect your child until late afternoon please let us know.

    • Does my child need to bring any sports equipment?

      All sporting equipment for each activity is provided by the camp. Children may bring items such as their own riding boots or tennis racket but this is optional.

    • How do I send mail to my child?

      Children love to receive mail so you can send emails to the following address.
      Email – admin@campmontana.ch
      Please put your child’s full name on the or email. All emails will be passed on to your child at meal time

      Package’s can be sent to; please put the camper’s full name on the package.

      Camper’s name
      c/o ISCM SA
      Route de la Moubra 43
      3963 Crans-Montana

    • Can my child have internet access:

      International Summer Camp Montana has made the conscious decision to provide a secure Wifi network (at restricted times) for our Campers. We understand the importance that technology plays in keeping families connected and therefore, we have decided to give our Campers web access. The timings that Wifi is available for each section can be viewed in the next sections.
      However, we strongly recommend that devices such as tablets, laptops, expensive phones and handheld computer games are not brought to Camp. Please discourage your children from using Internet via ‘roaming’ on their Internet enabled devices as this may prove to be costly.

    • Mobile Phone and Wifi access times for Campers:

      Rookies: are allowed mobile phones but can only use them during rest period (from 13h00-14h00). During this time, the campers will also have access to a secure Wifi network. For the rest of the day mobile phones are turned off and locked in the safe of each camper’s room.

      Champions: are allowed mobile phones but can only use them during rest period (from 13h00-14h00). During this time, Champion campers will also have access to a secure Wifi network. For the rest of the day mobile phones are turned off and locked in the safe of each camper’s room.

      Seniors: are allowed mobile phones, but can only use them during siesta (from 13h45 – 14h50) and free time (from 17h30 – 19h30). Seniors will be able to access a secure Wifi connection from 13h45 – 14h50 and from 17h30 – 19h30. For the rest of the day mobile phones are turned off and locked in the safe of each camper’s room.

    • What are the meal times at camp?

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Rookies 07h45 12h00 18h00
Champions 08h15 12h35 18h45
Seniors 09h00 13h15 19h35
  • How many hours of languages will my child have per week?

    Language course are 50 minutes per day 5 days a week. Campers will have a small placement test at the beginning of the session to put them in the correct course for their ability.

  • How much money should my child have for Pocket money?

    The suggested amount of pocket money for a 3 week session is

    Rookies              CHF 120.–

    Champions       CHF 200.–

    Seniors               CHF 200.–

    You are welcome to send more then the suggested amount if you wish.

  • How can I send extra pocket money to my child?

    You can send a bank transfer to International Summer camp with the name of your child as the payment reference.
    You will need to email us a copy of the bank transfer and then we can forward the money to your child immediately. Please note that if we do not receive a copy of the transfer we can not forward the money to your child until we receive a confirmation from our bank.

  • Can I pay in US Dollars, Euros or British pounds?

    Yes you can pay in these currencies. All checks should be payable to ISCM SA. Please see your bank for the exchange rate of the day.

  • What exchange rate should I use?

    As the exchange rate changes daily we recommend that you check with your bank for the rate of the day.

  • Room request

    Room request must be made in writing by email. Campers can request to share with one other camper who is in the same section as them.

  • Visas for Switzerland

    Please see with your local Swiss Consulate or Embassy for obtaining the necessary documentation for entering Switzerland. We can provide a letter of invitation for your child if required, please contact out administration regarding this matter.
    Please also make sure that your child has the correct visa to enter the country he/she will visit after his/her stay at summer camp Montana.

  • How many campers per room

    For Champions and Seniors there are 4 campers per room. For Rookies there are rooms of 4, 6 and 8 campers.

  • Visiting time

    Campers can have visitors from 17h00 – 18h00. For any visits out side of this time please contact the administration.