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Welcome to the staff section of International Summer Camp Montana’s website.
You’ll find all of the information that you need to apply to be a staff member at our summer Camp in Switzerland,
as well as what learning a bit more about what it is like to work at a summer Camp in Europe.


Leading the program staff are our Head Counselors, who are each in charge of one of the three age sections at Camp. The program staff itself comprises of counselors, sports and activity instructors, language teachers, night guards, receptionists and specialist roles, such as photographers, movie producers and the overnight guide. In total, we have some 120 people working in a seasonal role in the program. Staff members are carefully chosen on the basis of their age, education, experience, maturity and ability to work with children. Moreover, four resident nurses (including a ‘Night Nurse’) and a local, on-call physician are responsible for the health of both Campers and staff members. The Camp Directors are each in charge of specific facets: programming, educational supervision, catering and administration. 


Claudia Palau 
Champion Head Counselor
Gytis Paulauskas
Senior Head Counselor
Marlena Wentzler 
Senior Head Counselor
Alexandre Othenin-Girard
Rookie Head Counselor
Carol Gasparini-Spinks
Program Secretary
Danny Herberich 
Program Director


Summer Camp Montana Administration
Francesca Orfane
Jodie Pralong
Bruno Oliveira


Our administration secretaries work in our offices at Summer Camp Montana year-round and are on hand to answer any questions related to enrolling at Camp, joining the staff or anything else. Do not hesitate to use the contact us if there is something that you would like to know about International Summer Camp Montana.
 Paloma Villaciàn
Milène Texier
Bruna Torrado
Carolina Queiroz


In order to ensure that every one of our guests (kids and teens at summer Camp that is!) receives the most exceptional experience and environment during their stay at summer Camp in Switzerland, we have a large team of staff working outside of the program of activities.

These staff members work in our house, kitchen, laundry and maintenance teams looking after the facilities that allow International Summer Camp Montana to be amongst the best summer Camps in Switzerland, if not the world!

The Kitchen Staff

The Dining Hall Staff

The Laundry Staff

The Maintenance Staff


Why not have a look at some of our videos below to see why working at Summer Camp Montana is the experience of a lifetime and what adventure summer Camps have to offer.




Our staff members are carefully chosen to ensure that our summer programs for kids and teens are planned and tailored to suit age and abilities of all Campers. However, these staff members are a pretty talented bunch too; have a look and see what they get up to at Summer Camp Montana!