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How it all began…

 60 years ago, the first International Summer Camp Montana took place. Right here, in the heart of Europe, surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery. Experience, what the healthy and fresh air of the Swiss Alps, a particular feature of our location, which over time has shaped Camp to what it has become: a place of longing and attraction for children from all over the world. A venue of summers which never end.
The real story of Camp begins in 1926 when the construction of the La Moubra building started; it completed in 1927. For the following 25 years, until 1952, it was used as a private clinic for patients who suffered from lung disease. Crans-Montana is still famous today for the cleanliness and healthiness of its air! For the next 3 years, La Moubra was under Belgian ownership but still used as a clinic. The building then became a hotel in 1955 and remained as such until 1961.
Meanwhile, also in 1961 a 25-year-old Swiss by the name of Rudy Studer had the vision of starting a Summer Camp in the resort of Arosa. For two summers the Camp was held at the Hotel Post in Arosa, before a new location was sought. Rudy travelled to Crans-Montana and found La Moubra, which had remained vacant for 2 years; the hotel at the location had closed its doors and not reopened for business. At this time, La Moubra became the permanent location for International Summer Camp Montana and has remained so until this day. Though at first it was rented, La Moubra was purchased by the Studer-Mathieu family in 1969.
Throughout the years, International Summer Camp Montana has developed into a world-renowned destination for sports, languages, fun and friendships. People come from far and wide to enjoy 3 weeks (and sometimes more!) in beautiful surroundings, fresh mountain air and in the company of many interesting people. Over the past 60 years there have been major changes in the world and these have certainly enriched our diverse, international atmosphere at Camp. Many people from many different cultures and backgrounds have been united in our surroundings. And as the social and political landscape has developed across many countries, we have welcomed Campers from every continent in the world to La Moubra.
It goes without saying that International Summer Camp Montana has not stayed the same during the past 60 years! Although the stunning view towards the mountains looks the same from La Moubra, there have been many changes since 1963. Whether it is the addition of the magnificent facilities we have, including indoor space in the Tennis Centre, the impressive Circus Tent, the beautiful Residence Erica building or just a fantastic website, we don’t stand-still for long; there are always new developments every year!