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Clothing and Equipment List



1 pair of trousers and casual jacket 2 dresses or skirts
2 pairs of jeans 2 pairs of trousers
2 pairs of shorts 2 pairs of jeans
3 sports t-shirts 2 pairs of shorts
2 dress shirts 3 sports t-shirts
5 T-shirts 3 blouses
6 pairs of underwear 5 T-shirts
2 sweatshirts 6 pairs of underwear
2 pairs of swimming trunks 2 sweatshirts
6 pairs of socks 2 bathing costumes
6 pairs of socks

For all


1 rain jacket Ping-pong paddle
1 tracksuit Tennis racket
Sun hat/baseball cap Riding gloves, boots, hat
High factor sun cream Jodhpurs or riding breeches
1 warm sweater Inexpensive camera
2 pairs of pyjamas or 2 nightdresses
1 pair of tennis shoes or trainers  
1 pair of hiking boots
1 pair of regular shoes
handkerchiefs or paper tissues
3 towels (2 bathroom towels and 1 swimming towel)
Soap/shower gel
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Comb/brush, nail file
Pen, pencil and writing paper
Laundry bag


All campers will receive a free camp backpack and drink bottle.

The above list is only a guide and parents may select suitable clothing other than those items listed.  Please do not pack excessive amounts of clothing as laundry can be handed in every weekday and closet space is limited.  We request that only 1 suitcase and 1 travel bag or backpack be brought to camp.

All items must be clearly marked with the camp laundry number assigned to the camper.  It is further recommended that an itemized list of all articles brought to camp be attached to the inside of the suitcase.  Every precaution is taken against loss but the camp accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to property through carelessness on the part of the camper.