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Looking to see what summer Camp activities for kids and teens are on the program? Whether you are excited by sports, have more artistic flair, love aquatics, enjoy horse riding or are looking to try things for the first time, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for at Summer Camp Montana.

Program and activities

Welcome to the section of International Summer Camp Montana’s website that you’ll find out about what programs and activities we offer our Campers. There is a fantastic selection of options on offer; please use the tiles below to find the activity you’d like more information about. You can also filter activities depending on their type; there really is something for everyone at Summer Camp in Switzerland!


Why not have a look at each of the activity videos below to review International Summer Camp Montana’s offerings. Remember that you can find more photos and videos either on our Instagram feed or on our Vimeo channel.

Artistic Activities

Horse Riding

Physical Activities


  • International Summer Camp Montana offers a varied and diverse range of sports and activities as part of its daily program, for Campers of all ages and indeed all abilities. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in all activities with their group.

  • Each and every day will be different and groups will consist of 8 Campers. Each day the group will follow a program that is designed for them.

  • The activity schedule is planned before the beginning of the session. It is a structured program where group activities are tailored to the ability, endurance and resourcefulness of the group and are age appropriate. Campers will participate in 6 different activities per day. Each activity is 50 minutes in duration.

  • After lunch, there is a ‘rest period’ for Campers to rest and relax. During this rest period, it is possible for Campers to use their mobile phones and access a ‘restricted’ Wifi service.

  • Once afternoon activities have finished, Juniors, Pioneers and Champions may choose an ‘Open Activity’ option that is on the daily program. A supervised visit to the local town (close to Summer Camp Montana) is also offered for these Campers on specific days during this ‘free time’.

  • Senior Campers have a little more freedom during this time, being given the chance to relax, go to town in groups and to have the privilege of extra Wifi and phone time.

  • After the evening meal, all Campers have evening activities in their section; depending on the evening this will consist of an outside game, cultural activity, movie night, or an event focused on social interaction.

Although the youngest section at Camp Montana, Switzerland, this won’t stop you having an incredible summer as a Junior Camper! Find your feet, discover many new activities and make lots of new friends and don’t worry if it is your first time away from home at a sleepaway Camp - we are here to show you the way!

Do you need to discover more about Camp life for Junior Campers? Contact us

Wakey wakey - 0715
Mobile phone / internet - 1300 - 1350
Free Time - 1700 - 1750
Bed Time - 2030

Pioneers absolutely love sports and activities; in fact, they would probably be able to keep their energy going day and night! Spend an incredible 3 weeks at Summer Camp Montana, Switzerland; all you need for an unforgettable summer is right here!

Are you keen to ask a few more questions about being a Pioneer at International Summer Camp Montana?
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Wakey wakey - 0715
Mobile phone / internet - 1300 - 1350
Free Time - 1700 - 1750
Bed Time - 2100

Champions have it all! No matter whether you love sports and activities, or you are already happy to have a little more social time to spend with friends during free-time, we think that you will flourish in this environment! Our summer programs for kids of Champion age are perfect!

Would you like to get a little more information about the Champion section at Camp Montana, Switzerland? Contact us

Wakey wakey - 0730
Mobile phone / internet - 1300 - 1350
Free Time - 1700 - 1750
Bed Time - 2130

Seniors love the balance between doing all of their favourite Camp activities, whilst having even more of an opportunity to socialise during free-time and evening programs with their friends. In addition, you have some slightly different, special elements to your program, which is why Summer Camp Montana is the best Camps for teens in Switzerland.

Ready to ask those questions that are on your mind about being a Senior Camper at International Summer Camp Montana? Contact us

Wakey wakey - 0815
Mobile phone / internet - 1345 - 1450
& 1730 - 1930

Free Time - 1730 - 1930
Bed Time - 2230