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The Camp Carnival is a special Sunday activity that is for our Junior, Pioneer and Champion Campers and is a collection of games and activities for Campers to enjoy – in fact there are 20 stations!
There are tests of speed, skill, strength, mental agility and even your dance moves in the different areas of the Carnival! Whether it is ‘Bang The Nail’, ‘Neptune’s Kiss’, ‘Bowl Me Over’ or ‘Dance ‘Til You Drop’, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
It is important to keep drinking water and to wear sunscreen during the hot summer days and that is why there is both a drinks and sunscreen station. However, one of the most anticipated parts of the day is when all the scoresheets have been handed in and it is time for ice-cream! What’s your favourite, chocolate or vanilla?!
The ‘Colour Olympics’ are held on the second Sunday of every session. Like the Summer and Winter Games, the Colour Olympics are filled with energy, suspense and an international field of competitors!
Each age group section competes in their own ‘tournament’, but all teams from all sections play the same games. The games are designed in such a way that everyone in the team is involved and their participation is required to achieve the maximum score possible.
During the afternoon time is split between competition and rest. Each event lasts 10 minutes and after completion, it’s time to move on to spectate the next challenge, whilst also taking the chance to have a drink of water. The final results of the events are a closely guarded secret and the winners only revealed at the ‘Awards Night’ on the last evening at Camp. The competition is fierce and the spoils taken by the victors; however, the emphasis is placed on enjoyment and taking part in the challenges in an honourable manner.