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Cancellation conditions 2021

Due to the situation in the world, International Summer Camp Montana will exceptionally change the cancellation conditions for 2021:
- All fees (camp fee, deposit) will be fully reimbursed if you cancel 30 days before your arrival day.
- Should you cancel less than 30 days before arrival day then all fees except the deposit will be reimbursed. The deposit will be credited for 2022.

We hope that with this decision we can help you to plan this forthcoming summer more easily.


We are optimistic that the health situation will change for the better in the summer and that ISCM will run its programs as planned.

We never lost our belief in 2020 and we were able to organize three excellent COVID free sessions. We once again would like to thank all parents for their faith in us, campers for their enthusiasm and staff for their dedication and professionalism.

The COVID regulations for the forthcoming summer are not yet defined. We will do everything possible and needed.

We will definitely be in our own bubble and isolate the camp as much as we can from the outside. Temperatures will be taken regularly. Washing and disinfecting hands will be done under surveillance and the few times we leave campgrounds masks are compulsory.

Our staff will be tested before campers arrive and we are trying to organize regular tests for all campers and staff.

After a difficult year, for children especially, we are looking forward to offering them a happy holiday in a carefree environment.