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Since 1961, International Summer Camp Montana has welcomed children from all over the World to gather and create 'magical memories'. Although many things have changed over this time - our activities, the technology, fashion and style, the principles of the Camp remains the same; La Moubra is a place to make 'Friends For Life'.

'Friends For Life' is the motto of our International Summer Camp Montana Alumni organisation and the thousands of Campers whom have attended the Camp can testify to this. Time and again our Alumni have told us that their summer in Crans-Montana made a significant impact on their lives - in fact, they cannot imagine life without this experience!

Whether your were a Camper or staff member at International Summer Camp Montana, we hope that Camp left a positive, long-lasting and unforgettable mark upon your life.

By establishing this organisation, we would not only like to reconnect with our Alumni since Camp began, but also inspire our future Alumni members to stay in contact with Camp as well! The only way to strengthen and grow our Alumni is through your support to spread our word! We want to keep a connection to our 'Friends For Life'!

We would love for you to register your details as an Alumni member and to tell us about some of your memories from Camp, as well as what you are doing now. Please follow the links below to register, or, alternatively to login to the system.